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Welcome to our regular monthly email newsletter

Welcome to Perth, Second Thursday of each month 11/11/10, 9/12/10
6:00pm - 7:30pm at the Bin 305 Restaurant Bar, Mantra on Murray, 305 Murray Street, Perth hosted by John Aggus 0410 195 009 - everyone is always welcome - newcomers, oldcomers and networkers

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WA Business News Events
Perth Social Networking Club
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Looking for work in Australia
I have written two articles for the WorkLifeGroup website and there will be more in this series over the next eight weeks

Research Project
We will be starting a research project soon that will lead to the development of a worldwide mobile phone application for newcomers and global mobility specialists.  Watch out for the link in our future newsletters as we would really like to have your input in the online survey

Proud of Perth
I would like to publicly thank all of the people I met during my recent overseas trip to Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris and London

You can see two short videos from the trip at

However, I must say that I have returned home with a new found appreciation for life in Australia - where we have accessible public toilets, well labelled streets, escalators and lifts to public transport and laws to reduce begging and street selling so that people can visit without being harassed

It was so nice to return to our lucky country and know that we can enjoy such a good quality of life in Australia

Enjoy your week and cheers for now

Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI
Founder and Director
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