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This page lists all of the ebooks available on the Newcomers Network website.

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1. Jobs and Careers Kit - E001 AUD$14.95

Details: A practical ebook written for newcomers and Australians to help them find a job or their next career in Australia. It includes resume/curriculum vitae guidelines, how to work out what you would like to do next (either job or career move), what you need to prepare (including your professional, documentation, networking, personal and cultural readiness and your contingency plans, budgeted time, money and resources). There are some basic interview tips and suggestions on what to do next. It is very comprehensive with a range of checklists, links to other websites and questions for you to write answers to and it is essentially a self help guide that you can use on your own (provided you are not easily overwhelmed by all the work involved!). It includes 124 links to various websites and resources.
Edition: Second Edition published 3/7/09 (First Edition 20/4/04)
Author: Sue Ellson
Words: 14,607 words
Pages: 42
Format: Word Document
Download size: 1.1MB
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2. Savvy Settlement Kit - E002 AUD$12.95

Details: A practical ebook written for newcomers to help them make the most of their new life in their new location, particularly if they are moving to Australia. It explains some assumptions to help you settle in Australia, the decision to move, planning to move, what to do before you leave, on arrival, during the first three months and from three to 12 months after arriving. You will learn the Six Best Settlement Strategies and what to do if you are repatriating to a former location. Finally a section on how to help yourself and the people you know. It includes several examples and details of Sue Ellson's own moving story. It is a useful guide for proactive people who want to adopt a strategic and practical approach to their move as it also includes some checklists.
Edition: Second Edition published 2/7/09 (First Edition 2/10/07)
Author: Sue Ellson
Words: 16,213 words
Pages: 37
Format: Word Document
Download size: 964kb
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3. Newcomers Kit - E003 AUD$11.95

Details: A practical ebook written for community leaders, newcomers and seasoned expatriates. It explains some of the common issues surrounding people who move based on the survey findings of 541 people from the 2004 Worldwide Online Survey ‘Moving in the 21st century’ conducted by Newcomers Network. It also provides the details on how to create a successful local newcomer group/service based on our extensive research and experience of what actually works (with very little funding, time and organisation).
Edition: Second Edition published 25/6/09 (First Edition 8/9/04)
Author: Sue Ellson
Words: 8,291
Pages: 18
Format: Word Document
Download size: 744kb
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Alternatively you can purchase all three Ebooks for the total package price of $29.95


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